Lexicon is an innovative solution designed to automatically translate your app into every language, in real-time. Say goodbye to labor-intensive manual translations and the complexity of managing huge language files.

Lexicon seamlessly integrates with your React and React Native apps, offering support for every language right out of the box. We’ve done everything we can to make things as plug-and-play as possible, without interfering with your existing workflows.

How Does it Work?

We leverage the latest AI technology to understand context and cultural nuances. This ensures not just a translation of words, but a translation of meanings.

We also employ caching at every layer to ensure that your experience loads as fast as possible in every language.

Comparison with Traditional Translation Methods

Lexicon is a tool that was built to alleviate the headaches involved with traditional translation methods and prioritizes developer experience and velocity.

Traditional Methods

  1. Manual Translation Requirement: Traditional methods require you to extract all the text from your app and translate it manually. This process is often labor-intensive and requires specialized linguistic expertise.

  2. Complex File Management: Managing translations involves juggling multiple files and importing them into relevant app components. This adds layers of complexity and potential for errors in file handling.

  3. Workflow Disruption: Developer workflows can be significantly slowed down as they await translations and try to ensure everything is imported correctly. This can lead to bottlenecks in the development process, delaying app updates and releases.

  4. Repetitive and Costly Process for New Languages: Adding a new language means repeating the entire manual translation and integration process. It’s not only time-consuming but also incurs significant costs, especially for apps targeting a global audience.


  1. Real-Time Automatic Translations: Lexicon revolutionizes this approach by offering translations in real-time, based on the user’s device settings. This automation eliminates the need for manual translation efforts. You can manage all of your translations in the Lexicon dashboard and pre-load your translations by using a translation file.

  2. Universal Language Support: With Lexicon, your app can translate into every language without any additional work from your side. This feature vastly broadens your app’s reach and accessibility with minimal effort.

  3. Seamless Integration with Developer Workflows: Lexicon is implemented as a simple component library, ensuring that it integrates smoothly into existing workflows. This approach minimizes disruption and maintains development efficiency.

  4. Simplified Code Management: Developers using Lexicon can continue writing their code as usual, without the hassle of importing text from different files. This greatly simplifies the development process, allowing for quicker updates and iterations.

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